"Dark Green Tomato" Bloodstone Earrings

Bloodstones, as their name suggest, are known to fortify life and is associate with prosperity and longevity. Here, I matched a lustrous pair of Indian Bloodstone in dark green with a pewter bead cap, top with a silver bead. The versatile nature of this design means that, it goes with any outfit, whether formal or casual.

Sale price: US$10/S$15


Gem Notes - Bloodstone:

Bloodstones from India are a deep green and white chalcedony with occasional red spots-luxurious colors. Bloodstones are also called heliotrope. During the Middle Ages, the red spots were thought to be drops of Christ's blood, which gave the stone magical powers. Physically, Bloodstone is said to strengthen veins, tone the heart and fortify the blood-all things that contribute to a long, healthy life. Bloodstone is also associated with high prosperity, so it not only contributes to a long, healthy life, but it makes that long life even more worth living.
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