“Pocahontas” Jasper Bracelet - SOLD!

Pocohontas came together in the most bizarre manner. It was one of those days…you juice your brain hard, but not a single drop of creative juice at all. Feeling irritated, I decided to empty out all my beads on the work desk, hoping that some inspiration would jump at me. So there I was, laying out bottles, packets and tubs of beads onto my work desk like a kid arranging her jigsaw puzzle. Then I saw it - this small packet of jasper stones, which I had probably neglected for a long time. The next thing I know, I was stringing away with the jasper stones and some great looking pewter discs. Guess what… the Pocahontas soundtrack was playing away on my iPod…(no prize for guessing how the bracelet got its name!)

Sale price: US$17/S$25
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