New Collection Of Gemstone Bracelets - See Them At Toy Outpost @ Vivocity!

From Top Right: Hestia (lapis lazuli), Artemis (tiger iron & black agate), Athena (amethyst), Derceto (bronzite), Hera (snowflake obsidian)

From Top Right: Helia (black agate), Eleos (purple agate), Metis (sesame jasper), Damia (olive jade), Aphrodite (rose quartz)

My latest collection of 10 bracelets is a break from my more traditional dainty designs. These bracelets are bolder and chunkier in designs, in order to accentuate the beautiful precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Nonetheless, they are never too loud, even for the casual wear. Besides the regular gemstones like rose quartz, amethyst and aventurine, you will find some more unique ones such as tiger iron, bronzite, lapis lazuli, sesame jasper, black agate and olive jade.

The bracelets are US$17 or S$25 a piece and are of limited remakes with a maximum of only 2-3 pieces per design. Every piece will be unique as the stones are natural, hence will surely differ in shape and size. Adding to the uniqueness of the bracelets, they are all named after Greek Goddesses.

Many say seeing is believing... so this new collection of bracelets are all on display in my Box 40C at Toy Outpost at Vivocity. So drop by and take a look. And if you want instant gratification, you can purchased the bracelets there. Otherwise, you could order from me here and have it mailed to you.

Enjoy the new collection!
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