"Pennies For Your Thoughts" Coined Agate Earrings

"Pennies" in light jade green with light grey-white swirls

"Pennies" in black with light grey-blue swirls

I recently received a gorgeous string of coined multi agate from the US. The agate were in a beautiful multitude of colours - black with swirls of grey, jade green, mossy green. But somehow in the midst of so much diversity in colours, I could find very matching ones to turn into great looking earrings.

That was how Pennies was borned. You can get the black Pennies or the jade Pennies. As the agate are all natural and one of its kind, each piece of this is unique. No second piece will look the same. Pennies has 2 coined agate in different size. The top agate measures about 1cm in diameter, while the bottom one measures about 1.5cm. The entire earring measures about 3cm from the end of the ear hook.

Sale price: US$13/S$20

(Agate increases courage, self-confidence, and energy, as well as promotes longevity. Read more about its properties in the post Purple Love.)

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