“Bewitched” Smoky Quartz Gemstone Chips Necklace

Bewitched in double twirls

Bewitched in multiple twirls to be worn as a bracelet

Bring out your inner diva with this divine looking smoky quartz gemstone chips necklace. Every piece of smoky quartz chip is a unique blend of clear white over smoky brown grey shade. Put them all together, and you would have a luminous piece of necklace that bounces off light delicately and sparkles.

Measuring a cool 36 inches, Bewitched could be worn once over for a long seductive look, or you can do a double twirl for a shorter elegant version. To up the glam factor, do multiple twirls of Bewitched and wear it as a sparkly bracelet.

Sale price: US$10/S$15

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