"Dreaming" Moonstone Necklace-Earring Set

Stunning moonstone necklace

Gorgeous moonstone earrings

Elegant moonstone in puff coin shape and luminous creamy white are the star of this design. The natural 'moon glow' that the stones emit makes it so special and unique. Paired with moonstone chips, the luminousity is further enhanced.

Designs in moonstones are extremely versatile, whether for the formal or casual gathering. Earrings measure 3 cm from ear hook. Necklace measures 45 cm or 18", with approx 4.5 cm or 2" of extension.

Sale price:
US$12/S$18 (earrings)
US$18/S$27 (necklace)
US$27/S$40 (for a set)

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