Necklace-Earrings & Bracelet-Earrings Gemstone Sets

Red Coral

Green Aventurine

Snowflake Obsidian

Tiger Eye

These are not exactly new designs, maybe except a piece or 2 but I decided to package my necklace and earrings into a set to create more value for my dearest customers. The sets uses gemstones such as tiger eye, obsidian, red coral and green aventurine as focals, while swarovski crystals act as highlights. The usual price for separate pieces would be: necklace at US$20/S$30, bracelet at US$17/$25 and earrings at US$13/$20. But now, the sets are going as such:

  • Necklace-earrings set: US$30/S$45
  • Bracelet-earrings set: US$26/S$40

(Individual purchase of the necklace, bracelet or earrings are still welcomed. If you would like an extra bracelet or necklace to make the sets into a complete necklace-bracelet-earrings set, pls feel free to send me a customised order here)

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